(LITTLE THINGS) — An elderly veteran and a young Dollar General cashier made waves online this week after an impossibly sweet interaction left people all over the world in awe.

Jacob Wittman, a cashier at a Dollar General store in Oklahoma, stepped up to the plate after he discovered an elderly customer was struggling to pay for his purchases.

Much like the kind plumber who stepped in to help a neighbor, Jacob took matters into his own hands.

Jacob noticed that his venerable customer also happened to be wearing a veteran’s cap. All too often, veterans don’t get the respect and support they need.

This gentleman, with a history of service, didn’t deserve the embarrassment of struggling with his credit card in line.

Jacob realized this instantly, and his ensuing actions are a beautiful example of what can happen when young people step up to help their elders.

Read the full story to see the act of kindness unfold.


My hat goes off this to this young guy as what he did is very much commendable. It is a good reminder for us to always be on the lookout for ways in which we can help out those who have fought to keep our country free. This young man was obviously raised right. Sadly our government doesn’t see our veterans as anything more than ‘cannon fodder’ and leaves many of them suffering various injuries (both physical and mental) on the streets homeless – which is absolutely disgraceful and pathetic. #respect

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