today announced the launch of its Christian history “diversions” section – “HistoryToday” – an online resource for children and adults alike who are seeking truth-based material produced from a Christian viewpoint on key figures and events in history.

“In today’s world where children in both public and “Christian” schools are taught historical narratives that have been skewed and stripped of anything referring to God or Biblical principles, it is even more crucial that parents and Christian educators are equipped with content that they can use for teaching purposes,” said Caleb Stephen, founder and editor in chief of

“The main focus in all our history feature pieces is highlighting the providence of God throughout the course of human events,” he said.

“As Edmund Burke once wisely said: ‘those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it’. It is with that frame of thinking that we approach history to find out where mankind went wrong and what lessons we can learn as a result of those mistakes.”

“History is the story of human events. Throughout the ages, we continuously see the sinful choices of mankind mingled with the grace, mercy and providence of God.”’s first feature piece which has been released ahead of ANZAC day later this month is about understanding the ANZAC tradition and how God’s people can use the day to exalt the name of Christ by emphasising the point of self-sacrifice.

Stephen said the history column is one of the first of many developments planned for (formerly ‘The Caleb Report’).

Stephen, who is an avid amateur military historian, was previously the editor of the now-defunct website which he founded in 2012 and ran for 3 years. is the #1 independent news and commentary outlet in Australia dedicated to no-holds-barred, fiercely independent journalism.

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