By Caleb Stephen, Editor in Chief

(TRUTHJOURNALISM.COM) — In the latest act of blatant promotion and acceptance of “alternate lifestyles,” Curtin University’s Bentley campus is offering students the opportunity to stand in solidarity with their LGBTIQ peers by wearing free “Rainbow Laces” handed out by the university.

Students are asked to wear the laces this weekend to show their support for “LGBTIQ inclusivity in sport” ahead of the Rainbow Round of Sport which is a national event from 6 – 9 April.

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The notice which was published in Curtin’s student-only online portal states that “everyone belongs in sport” adding that they have the right “to feel welcome and included.”

The rainbow-coloured shoe laces are apparently available on campus and from participating “inclusive” retailers around the country.

Screenshot / Curtin Uni student portal

The “initiative” follows the emergence of a joint campaign launched Monday by Qantas, ANZ, Google, eBay and others promoting “marriage equality.”

In similar fashion, the campaign invites customers to order one of 250,000 specially-commissioned rings bearing the phrase “until we all belong” – which will also appear on Qantas boarding passes and other paraphernalia.

The incomplete ring represents the “gap” in equality between same-sex couples and their heterosexual peers. In a series of video advertisements, straight allies are encouraged to wear the rings “until we all belong”.

The campaign is spearheaded by Airbnb in conjunction with the official marriage equality campaign. It is understood to be worth in excess of $5 million, including in-kind resources from the major firms, according to WAToday.

Curtin University has previously been awarded “Highest Ranking University” in Pride and Diversity Awards, recognised by Pride in Diversity as Australia’s top university for LGBTI workplace inclusion for the third year running, and ranked third overall among Australian employers.

The university has made its stance on LGBTIQ matters very clear stating that “our aim is for an inclusive University culture, which goes beyond legislative compliance to an environment in which all people feel respected, valued, welcome and safe.”

Rigorous student policy adopted in recent times ensures that students who engage in “homophobic” activities or comments (such as implying gender is non-fluid and that LGTBI feelings are psychologically acquired instead of genetically inherited) are dealt with harsh disciplinary action.

The university also issued rainbow shoe laces last year with the catch cry of the campaign being: “Lace up and give homophobia the boot.”

“The Curtin Stadium building will be lit up in rainbow colours to support sexual diversity in sport,” last year’s announcement added.

Image: Curtin University
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