(TRUTHJOURNALISM.COM) — Christian Democratic Party leader and NSW legislative council member Rev Fred Nile said Wednesday that support for same-sex “marriage” in Australia is plunging despite clever rhetoric and psychological bombardment from the ever-aggressive LGBTI lobby.

Nile cited a December poll commissioned by Marriage Alliance, a coalition of dozens of church-related organisations and other family focused groups, and conducted by Sexton Market Research which surveyed 2,500 people.

“The survey delivered some interesting results,” he said.

The survey, which asked participants whether they strongly supported the legalisation of same-sex marriage, revealed that only 33 per cent of Australians were in favour of legalisation while 25 per cent were undecided, 20 per cent strongly opposed it, and 3 per cent somewhat opposed it.

By digging a little deeper, researchers found that support declined significantly among “soft” supporters when same-sex “marriage” was linked to consequences such as LGBTI sex education and gender politics, with 81 per cent afraid of losing terms like “mum” and “dad”, and 75 per cent worried about unisex toilets.

In addition, the results showed that 81 per cent of participants were concerned about the gender of newborns being removed from birth certificates and about words in the English language such as “mum” and “dad” being replaced by “parent one” and “parent two”.

A further 69 per cent were concerned that children were being taught in school that gender is fluid and that they can choose whether they wish to identify as a male or a female.

As to participants’ attitudes regarding restrictions on freedom of speech in the workplace, 67 per cent of those holding strong beliefs that marriage should be between a man and a woman were concerned. “Soft” supporters also were concerned about the threat to free speech should same-sex “marriage” become legalised.

When it came to the question whether participants agreed that parents should have the right to know what precisely is taught in school sex-ed classes and have the right to consent to or reject questionable content, 66 per cent of those who somewhat support same-sex marriage said that they agreed compared with 49 per cent of strong supporters.

Of those who are undecided about same-sex “marriage,” 65 per cent agreed with the statement compared to 84 per cent of those who strongly opposed same-sex marriage.

On the question of replacing male and female public toilets and school toilets with unisex toilets, 80 per cent of soft supporters of same-sex marriage were concerned about the idea, as were 60 per cent of strong supporters.

“Based on the poll data, Marriage Alliance believes that over time support for same-sex marriage has eroded. The same-sex marriage lobby claims that 75 per cent of people in Australia support same-sex marriage, but that is not supported by this latest survey,” he said.

“Support plummeted for same-sex marriage when it was linked to a social change agenda, including safe schools and when freedom of speech and religion are threatened.”

Nile said that he believes the marriage equality lobby is aware of these figures which is “why they have done all they can to prevent the marriage [sic] plebiscite proceeding, because they believe that they would lose.”

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