Wife beating a perfectly legitimate Islamic teaching, not an ‘extremist’ view


(TRUTHJOURNALISM.COM) — Channel Nine’s Today host Ben Fordham has made a passionate plea to Muslim women around Australia to stand up against dangerous messages from “so-called leaders” who give the green light to domestic violence.

The popular broadcaster and 2GB radio host condemned views which he said were held by some, but not all followers of Islam in Australia, that permit men to hit their wives.

“When you have people in positions of power spreading dangerous messages it is important to call them out,” he said on the Today show.

“It’s never OK to hit your wife. Never. That’s called assault.”

Mr Fordham’s tirade followed the release of a clip posted online by the Women of Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia Facebook group, the female arm of a well-known and widely condemned so-called “radical” Islamist group. In the video, a panel discussion between two members discussing Islam’s teachings about men disciplining women is seen.

In the video, the woman leading the conversation, who is identified as Sydney teacher Reem Allouche, says a man is permitted to hit a woman as an act of discipline, and fellow panellist Atika Latifi, agrees.

“He is permitted, not obliged to, not encouraged, but permitted to hit her,” Ms Latifi says.

The women go on to describe the permissive text as “beautiful” and “a blessing”.

“It’s very evident that this is symbolic in nature and it’s not as what people have understood or what people would like to have understood,” Ms Allouche says. “This is the reality.”

But Mr Fordham said it was important that these messages are challenged.

“If you hit a women, you’re a coward. It’s not OK to hit your wife gently, or softly, or occasionally or any other way you want to spin it,” he said. “It’s assault. It’s illegal. It’s just wrong.”

“Stop it. Just stop. We have young Muslim women growing up in this country and they need to know they have the same rights as anyone else,” he said.

“They live in Australia, and that means they can wear what they want, they can marry who they want to marry, and they can do what they want to do. They don’t need these so-called leaders telling them they’re punching bags.”

However, TruthJournalism.com’s editor in chief Caleb Stephen, who has written extensively on Islamic topics for international outlets, disagrees with the notion that this teaching is “extreme” citing Quranic references as being the basis for this “twisted thinking.”

“Wife beating is not an ‘extremist’ view, but is rather a perfectly legitimate teaching found in the Quran,” he said.

“Just read Surah 8:34, for example, which commands Muslim men to beat their wives if they are disloyal, conduct themselves badly or even ‘refuse to share their beds.’

“Of course not all Muslims hold this view. To say that would be unfair. But what is clear is the fact that Islam as found in the Quran teaches this.

“I like to say not all Muslims are paedophiles, but all Muslims worship a paedophile. It’s the same thing when it comes to wife-beating.

“Whether they like it or not, all Muslims subscribe to a hateful and barbarous ideology that sanctions and legitimises extreme anti-woman teachings with wife-beating being one of them.

“According to Islam, women’s rights are essentially non-existent and they’re treated like dogs or pigs – considered by their religion as the lowest creatures in society. In fact, it is no understatement to say that Islam is the most un-feminist religion on this planet despite what naive feminists think or say.

“While it is commendable that courageous members of the establishment media collective like Ben Fordham are speaking out against this, what they fail to realise is that Islamic teaching which is manifested in the form of shariah will always be obeyed over Australian law.

“This is the beginning of the proselytization of Australians using a watered down version of Islam. This tactic is commonly known as ‘taqqiya’ and the sooner we wake up to this cunning, deceptive scheme, the better.

“When in put in contrast to Islam, Christianity (which Australia was founded upon) teaches the total opposite. Females are to are to be treated with utmost care and respect. They are to be loved and cherished, not beaten up and abused at whim. God has given females rights and thus it is none of our business to set the individual rights of humans whether female or male.

Mr Stephen said that any Muslim man who wishes to beat his wife or any other woman in accordance with the Quran is “without exception, nothing less than an absolute coward and a pathetic excuse for a man.”

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