By Tony Sasse, Columnist

From China to Russia, from NATO to Australia, Trump has delivered a masterclass in how to handle world affairs, and if he can keep this up, we could be in for a period of stability, not the chaos gleefully prophesied by The Left.

What the heck am I talking about? Don’t I read the Leftist press, where Trump is portrayed as a narcissist misogynist moron who has absolutely no hope of understanding the requisite diplomatic footsies needed to keep world affairs in order?

But the truth is that Trump has delivered in spades, and all underneath our very noses.

Let’s start with China, the Middle-Kingdom, that communist country with a friendly façade and a capitalist economy as Marxist economics was a total fail, as with anything Marxist.

During Obama’s reign, the Chinese blatantly have built a fort in the South China Sea close to the Philippines, a thousand miles away from the Chinese coast, and funded the successful campaign of the new Filipino President. They pulled off both these astonishing coups because they believed and gambled that Obama would do nothing. And they were correct. Obama and The Left have this naïve idea that the whole World will behave if they are treated nicely. But the Chinese smelt weakness, and exploited it, once again exploding The Left’s foolish world view of the inherent goodness of all mankind. But what did Trump do? All through the election campaign he told us that he was essentially going to recognize Taiwan, and de-bunk the “One China” policy so beloved by Beijing. Soon after he won, he took a phone call from Taiwan’s newly democratically elected President. All this had the effect of worrying the Beijing leadership, who became increasingly anxious about what Trump might do. Then comes the master-stroke: Trump reaches out, and decides to accept the “One-China” policy. This olive branch is offered, and gratefully accepted by the Chinese leadership. Face is saved, crucial in Asia. Respect is established on both sides. The result? Current boundaries are accepted. The recent meeting between Xi and Trump seemed to go very well indeed, critically important as the difficult issue of North Korea requires both superpowers working together. China is essential to any solution on the Korean peninsula, and still has much leverage over the hermit totalitarian state, particularly coal and oil supplies. So I ask you, who is the better strategist: Obama or Trump?

Let’s look at Russia. During the Obama reign, Russia swallowed the Crimea, invaded the Ukraine, and has taken the lead in Syria. Obama’s “red lines” turned out to be more like Hector Barbossa’s Pirate Code “guidelines”. Once again, the Left’s universal goodness of man policy is looking naked and destitute. But Trump gave Putin the one thing he really wants. Respect. You know, that thing that Aretha Franklin sang about. The man-love was palpable. But guess what? Putin will not feel the need to invade the Baltic States, or munch further into The Ukraine, as he has got what he craves. Of course, he understands that Trump has the same self-respect and won’t let him attack or expand any further in any case. When Assad in Syria used chemical weapons recently, Trump’s response was immediate, even the Left applauded. Putin knows for sure that Trump is no pink p**** hat. So, the Crimea, Eastern Ukraine and the South China sea atolls are all lost, thanks to Obama’s appeasement approach, but Trump has ensured that there will be no further losses. Once again, who is the smart guy here?

Trump has let NATO worry a bit about their future, before confirming he will back NATO fully, at the price of NATO members providing more funds for their own defense. Seems pretty reasonable to any impartial onlooker, and NATO is pathetically grateful, having briefly felt very naked indeed. Good deal all round.

Finally, with regard to our own issue (the refugee deal), Trump looked at it, and had the reaction of any sane person, namely, why take a bunch that Australia rejected? He logically called the deal “dumb”. However, he swallowed his pride; to maintain good relations with us he kept Obama’s deal. The Left could not believe it, and accused Malcolm Turnbull of having made open promises to bribe Trump, but there is no evidence to support this accusation. Trump has kept Australia happy, at some personal cost, and won himself further kudos for doing so.

Once again, appeasement has failed; and instead of a new world order of chaos, we have the big players feeling content, the ideal outcome. To the astonishment of The Left, we have Donald Trump to thank for that. He instinctively understood the psychology and played his cards beautifully. North Korea is going to be a whole lot tougher; but overall, it’s a pretty good start if you ask me.

Tony Sasse is a medical specialist in Victoria, and adj. Prof at a Melbourne university where his research is located. He has a life-time of interest in politics and history, particularly military, having been involved in both. He was raised on a dairy farm, has run a rural Intensive Care Unit, and consults in tech start-ups. He is married with 3 adult children who are keen to point out that his opinions are definitely his own. He writes exclusively for’s Opinion section.

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