As if Bill Nye’s explicit “sex junk” music video featuring degenerate dancer Rachel Bloom (of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”) wasn’t bad enough, he’s now come out with another disgusting episode promoting LGBTI lies – this time equating ice cream with sexual ‘diversity’.

The main point of the repulsive “Bill Nye Saves the World” episode? To mock those who teach that homosexuals can indeed turn away from their lifestyle if they will repent of their sin and find life and fulfilment in Christ.

Nye introduces the video by essentially implying Christians are not enlightened and rational: “We are enlightened and forward-thinking but not everyone see it this way.”

“But there are lots of flavours to sexuality,” he says blatantly.

The cartoon setting is a meeting room with a sign that reads “ICE CREAM CONVERSION THERAPY” where “Vanilla” is portrayed as the boring Christian leader of the meeting who believes in monogamous heterosexual sex and is portrayed as attempting to convince the other flavours that vanilla is the “one true flavor.”

“Now I’ve spoken to some of you about my theories on the nature of being ice cream,” begins Vanilla.

“Which have no basis in science,” interjects Chocolate.

“It’s the science of feelings,” shoots back Vanilla.

“And as vanilla, I feel I am the most natural of the ice creams and therefore the rest of you should just go ahead and also be vanilla.”

“It’s the one true flavour.”

At this point, Strawberry Delicious gets up.

Vanilla quickly “makes up” and then proceeds to scold the other flavours, “I just think that if you want to be right with the Big Ice Cream in the sky, you should change your flavor.”

(Of course, “Big Ice Cream in the sky” is a mocking allusion to God.)

Chocolate: “What if the Big Ice Cream in the sky is chocolate?”

Vanilla: “Blasphemy!”

Mint Chocolate Chip shows up and apologizes to the group for being late because “I was busy being two awesome things at once!” This of course is a nod at bisexuals being the really awesome, enlightened flavors in the room.

Mint Chocolate begins to seduce Vanilla, persuading, “Nobody wants to be just one flavor of ice-cream.” Chocolate, Strawberry and Caramel seductively crowd around Vanilla, pleading with him to join their life of perceived freedom and awesomeness. Vanilla, who begins to sweat, is clearly being tempted to stray from his apparently boring, straight-laced life, and embrace their orgy.

Vanilla begs in desperation. “Big Ice Cream in the sky, help me!”

But as soon as he gets a quick lick of another flavour, his eyes light up and the party is on. He licks every flavour and soon they all pile into one big ice cream bowl to “have the time of their life.”

The cartoon finishes and an ecstatic Nye declares to the audience motioning toward the screen: “That was cool, wasn’t it!”

On the surface, this idea that we can all be diverse sexually sounds cool, awesome and appealing to the lustful, sinful human nature.

But what this video does not mention is the STD’s, the broken hearts, the unwanted pregnancies and the ultimate moral destruction of society when we recklessly fool around with sex without restraint and outside of God-defined, wholesome marriage.

Bill Nye wants to remove all sexual taboos from our culture and recondition us – starting from the youngest among us – to accept any kind of sex that “feels good” because as his show blatantly stated, we should embrace “sex how we want it, it’s your God-d**mn right.”

Despite pretending to be “the science guy,” Bill Nye clearly proves that the basis for his assumptions on sexuality and certainly real science is nothing more than mere fluid feelings.

In this segment on sex, Nye foolishly dismisses the testimonies of all homosexuals who have been changed by the grace, mercy and power of Jesus Christ, makes a total mockery of Christians, insinuates that God could be “gay,” and promotes the reckless and harmful practice of group sex.

It is unthinkable that Netflix as a network would allow this filth to be pedaled on its platform and that Bill Nye, the once-respected purveyor of evolutionary science to the world’s children would make a profit off of this dangerous and irresponsible attempt at sex education.

So much for “science”!

It would be no no surprise if Target America’s transgender foolishness and ensuing boycott by middle America will also haunt Bill Nye and Netflix before long.

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