Creation science afficionado Joseph Stephen had the opportunity to catch up with Seahorse World‘s Managing Director Craig Hawkins at the iconic tourist attraction in Beauty Point, Tasmania last month to ask him some questions about the facility and most importantly, about his faith in Jesus Christ.

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Joseph Stephen: So Craig, how did you get into dealing with seahorses?

Craig Hawkins: Well, it’s a little bit of a convoluted story, but the short version is that I married my wife Rachelle and we moved to Tasmania shortly after to work in my profession which was forestry and just the way God led it was that Rachelle did a post-graduate in aquaculture and then the seahorse farm started up basically right at the end of her course and she was able to get the job as the head biologist. When it didn’t work for its original purposes to breed seahorses for Chinese medicine, after a few years we had the opportunity to buy it. And that was just a story of God’s provision and God’s leading because it wasn’t something that I intended to get into, but, we bought it and moved up to Beauty Point and planted a little church up here as well. And that’s all been part of God’s plans, I think.

JS: Right. So, obviously you’re a Christian and you have talked about God’s leading. Was there a time in your life, then that you believed in evolution?

CH: No. I was fortunate enough to be brought up in a Christian family and my father was a pastor and he used to have the Creation magazines laying around the house and while I was interested in getting into the field of forestry, I was able to read at home the alternative articles which a lot of Christian families don’t even necessarily have the opportunity to do. Well, they have the opportunity, but they don’t necessarily have them laying around, perhaps, for the kids to read. And that really strengthened my faith and helped me to survive a university course full of evolution.

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JS: So, when we look at seahorses, what particular feature of the seahorse family defies evolution do you think, and that you’d like to talk about?

CH: Well, I think all things in all animals and plants really defy evolution, but specifically seahorses, you can’t go past the fact that it’s the male that gives birth. And interestingly, just recently scientists have found, using our seahorses in studies in universities in Europe that we assisted in, that the male actually nourishes the eggs that are inserted into his pouch with a hormone that’s quite similar to hormones found in humans, I believe. So, I used to just think it was an egg that developed inside the pouch, hatched and then he released them, but there’s a little bit more to it, apparently, than that. And so, the intricacies of birth and intricacies of all the chemicals and organs involved just defy chance to me. It has to be a designed feature and the evolutionists try to argue that birth, a miracle of birth, really, has evolved seven or eight times differently in different organisms, which I just find utterly absurd. Because evolving once by chance is beyond something that I’m willing to accept, but to evolve eight times is absurd.

JS: Do you get the opportunity at all to talk to people about creation through your seahorse farm?

CH: Well we don’t push the seahorse farm as such as a creation or religious experience and it wasn’t started as that by the original people. We bought the tourism part of it as a going concern and continued that on. However, it does give us opportunities to talk about God’s creation and things like this and other events that I’ve been invited to. And occasionally on a public tour where people ask the very question, in fact, just the other day I was asked the question of where the seahorses evolved from and how long they’ve been on the planet. And without even mentioning God, I was able to debunk evolution and any of the evidences for it in seahorses and of course the only alternative to that is creation.

JS: What did you tell them?

CH: Well I simply said that I’ll tell you the facts and I’m not someone, even though I’ve got my masters degree in science, that was ever enticed into accepting that evolution had any real credibility. Then I said that there is no known forerunner to a seahorse, either in the fossil record or out there and the evolutionary scientists acknowledge this. The earliest known fossil of a seahorse is quite remarkably a seahorse. And therefore, if you want to say that the rocks are 60 million years old, then it’s certainly done no evolving in that time. So, a seahorse is a seahorse and always has been. I don’t believe the rocks to be that old but it certainly doesn’t have any evidence of evolution. Just like what Charles Darwin said was the weakest part of his theory.

JS: Well, seahorses certainly are incredible animals as we have just observed. Also, we saw some other things that you have here like the sea star that can regenerate itself from any part of its body. That’s just amazing. Do you have any other comments about any of the other animals that you have that astound you and lead you to worship our incredible Creator?

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CH: Well, I love the fact that quite a number of our animals, and its something that I’m not particularly clever on, but how the seahorse curls up in a spiral that matches the divine ratio/Golden ratio, as do the spirals in the seashells and so on. Also, I love the fact that the seahorse’s tail which is prehensile, which means it can curl up onto itself, is the only tail of a prehensile-tailed animal that is actually square. And most of the others like ring-tailed possums or monkeys and even chameleons are rounded and the seahorses is square. And that, engineers are trying to copy. You can even look this up under seahorse robotics and you’ll see how they’ve tried to copy this because it’s one of the flexible armours in the animal kingdom, and that’s obviously of use to robotics. But if we are copying the design of a jointed armoured system of a seahorse, then perhaps there was an original designer, and I believe our Lord Jesus Christ was the original designer of the seahorse armour to protect its backbone and to protect its body from damage out in the wild. The square tail, I believe, actually gives it a better grip when it holds on to things than a round one does in its environment.

JS: Thank you Craig, for allowing us to interview you today. Your seahorse farm is incredible as is our Creator. So thank you for your time.

Seahorse World is the only registered seahorse farm in Australia. Their Beauty Point-bred seahorses can be found in some of the world’s most recognised aquariums such as Shanghai Aquarium, Siam Oceanworld in Bangkok and Sealife Park in England. Find out more at and like them on Facebook.

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