By Tony Sasse, columnist

Recently I took my wife to see the allegedly historical movie “Churchill”. It’s about Winston Churchill, who as the great leader defeated ogre Hitler and his incredibly evil Nazism, if by some chance you didn’t know.

Never in my whole life have I been so disgusted.

This movie is a bold and malicious attempt at character assassination of one of the greatest and finest leaders ever in world history.

Furthermore it is a total mis-representation of the history of D-Day, the invasion of Nazi held France in 1944, and of the main Allied leadership who planned the event.

The movie opens with Churchill stressing about casualties from previous battles. Perhaps this is plausible, as no-one likes sending soldiers to war, as some don’t come home again.

But the movie then alleges that the risk of casualties becomes the dominant motivation in Churchill’s mind, trumping all other issues such as defeating the Nazi’s.

So the movie then pretends that Churchill attempts to cancel or change the plans for D-day, making a speech to the King and the key generals to call it off, or attack in 5 places instead.

The movie has Churchill bullying a hapless secretary mercilessly, and being a horrible grumpy old man to everyone else.

This “movie” has the generals ignoring Churchill, and treating him like a buffoon, Montgomery even calling Churchill “treasonous” to his face.

Montgomery then makes a speech to his men claiming that the single most important thing is, after a long pause, “your life”.

Hollywood and the director of this movie must think we are all idiots. What bothers me is that they might be correct, and this blazenly fraudulent film will for-ever damn and besmirch the truth with post-modern lies.

So, what is the historical truth about the planning for D-Day?

Firstly, Churchill was in complete control. He was the dominant one. He was not a buffoon impotent raging against self-serving dominant generals. Churchill fired many generals through-out the war, replacing them at whim, Alexander and Auchinleck come to mind. Montgomery famously said that he needed to spend one third of his time fighting the Germans, one third “gee-ing up the troops”, and one third staying sweet with Churchill so he didn’t lose his job.

If Montgomery had insulted Churchill to his face like the movie portraits by calling his treasonous and worse, he would have been fired on the spot. Montgomery famously insulted Eisenhower, attempting to gain his position, and was only not fired by Churchill after some very prompt groveling indeed.

Secondly, Churchill absolutely loved a military adventure, using a combination of naval flexibility and surprise to land an un-expected blow against the enemy. Gallipoli 1915 was the first, Norway 1940 the second, Greece the third, Dieppe the fourth, Churchill loved this concept, even setting up the SOE, who parachuted agents into France. In fact, he was constantly being talked out of such expeditions by his staff, including Smuts, whose character in the movie has nothing like a South-African accent.

Thirdly, Churchill was the instigator and force behind the planning of the invasion of France. He talked Roosevelt into the plan, insisting that Europe took precedence to the defeat of Japan, in response to Russian pleas to open a second front to relieve pressure on the Russian front. The idea he opposed it is so ludicrous it defies belief.

Fourthly, the idea that 5 small invasions is better than one big one breaks every rule of warfare. Any idiot knows that a big hard punch has a better chance of knock-out or breakthrough than 5 soft ones. After 5 years of war with the very smart Germans, rookie errors were not going to happen under Churchill’s watch.

Fifthly, Montgomery would never had said to his troops that “their life was the most important thing”. If he had, they would have laughed at him. No-one in the British Army had any illusions about what the business was, including my father. The sole, primary and key issue was to defeat the Nazi’s. Montgomery dropped 10,000 paratroops into Arnhem, way beyond the lines, over 2,000 died, only 1,500 made it home, the rest were captured, hardly the actions of a man depicted so falsely by this scurrilous movie.

All this was in the first 20 minutes of the “movie”.

I walked out.

But these movies are an attempt by Hollywood and the Left to re-write history, to create Fake History. The new propaganda, which Goebbel’s himself would be proud of, is to make our strong heroes look like bullies, to make resistance of Ogres and tyrants look like needless waste of lives, and to make cowards of our young men.

Perhaps the only way to counter these post-modern lies is to listen to a voice of a pilot who explained why he fought, and subsequently died on 30th May 1940. I tried to find a simple extract, but decided you, dear reader, should have the entire letter: Vivian Rosewater’s letter to his mother:

“Dearest Mother: Though I feel no premonition at all, events are moving rapidly and I have instructed that this letter be forwarded to you should I fail to return from one of the raids that we shall shortly be called upon to undertake. You must hope on for a month, but at the end of that time you must accept the fact that I have handed my task over to the extremely capable hands of my comrades of the Royal Air Force, as so many splendid fellows have already done.

“First, it will comfort you to know that my role in this war has been of the greatest importance. Our patrols far out over the North Sea have helped to keep the trade routes clear for our convoys and supply ships, and on one occasion our information was instrumental in saving the lives of the men in a crippled lighthouse relief ship. Though it will be difficult for you, you will disappoint me if you do not at least try to accept the facts dispassionately, for I shall have done my duty to the utmost of my ability. No man can do more, and no one calling himself a man could do less.

“I have always admired your amazing courage in the face of continual setbacks; in the way you have given me as good an education and background as anyone in the country: and always kept up appearances without ever losing faith in the future. My death would not mean that your struggle has been in vain. Far from it. It means that your sacrifice is as great as mine. Those who serve England must expect nothing from her; we debase ourselves if we regard our country as merely a place in which to eat and sleep.

“History resounds with illustrious names who have given all; yet their sacrifice has resulted in the British Empire where there is a measure of peace, justice and freedom for all, and where a higher standard of civilization has evolved, and is still evolving, than anywhere else. But this is not only concerning our own land. Today we are faced with the greatest organized challenge to Christianity and civilization that the world has ever seen, and I count myself lucky and honoured to be the right age and fully trained to throw my full weight into the scale. For this I have to thank you. Yet there is more work for you to do. The home front will still have to stand united for years after the war is won. For all that can be said against it, I still maintain that this war is a very good thing: every individual is having the chance to give and dare all for his principle like the martyrs of old. However long the time may be, one thing can never be altered – I shall have lived and died an Englishman. Nothing else matters one jot nor can anything ever change it.

“You must not grieve for me, for if you really believe in religion and all that it entails that would be hypocrisy. I have no fear of death; only a queer elation … I would have it no other way. The universe is so vast and so ageless that the life of one man can only be justified by the measure of his sacrifice. We are sent to this world to acquire a personality and a character to take with us that can never be taken from us. Those who just eat and sleep, prosper and procreate, are no better than animals if all their lives they are at peace.

“I firmly believe that evil things are sent into the world to try us; they are sent deliberately by our Creator to test our mettle because He knows what is good for us. The Bible is full of cases where the easy way out has been discarded for moral principles.

“I count myself fortunate in that I have seen the whole country and known men of every calling. But with the final test of war I consider my character fully developed. Thus at my early age my earthly mission is already fulfilled and I am prepared to die with just one regret: that I could not devote myself to making your declining years more happy by being with you; but you will live in peace and freedom and I shall have directly contributed to that, so here again my life will not have been in vain.

“Your loving son”

This letter was re-printed in The Times, sold 500,000 copies in England,  re-printed to 12 editions in America, King George VI wrote personally to Rosewarne’s mother, and in 1941 Michael Powell produced it into a short film.

True history stands against Hollywood’s fake history. It’s easy to see which is genuine.

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  • Joseph Stephen

    the letter published in this article is one of I’m sure many gems which so aptly describe the fortitude, wisdom, understanding and maturity of those of a prior generation still inculcated with Christian values. The current generation can barely text 140 characters let alone express such understanding. Letters like this should be the content of history lessons for the current generation, rather than the social engineering of degendering our children.
    This is an amazing letter, A son indeed in whom his mum and dad could be very proud.

  • Alison

    That letter is amazing, thankyou for sharing it!

    It reminds me of truths I knew and had forgotten. Life isn’t actually about having fun, it’s about God shaping us into vessels that honour and glorify him – often through hardship.

    And yes, truth is worth dying for because if we have not Christ we have nothing.