The Wires

“You may have heard of the Associated Press, Scripps-Howard or Reuters, but what are these organizations, really? They are examples of a news wire, or news organization. The term came into being in the days of the telegraph, when suddenly, newspapers across the country could communicate news to each other at heretofore unknown speeds! It refers to the telegraph wires, and is still a part of newspaper lingo today.

A news wire is composed of editors and journalists who cover stories for that particular company. Unlike a newspaper, a wire organization does not have its own product. There is not an Associated Press newspaper, for example. However, almost every newspaper all over the world is a member of the Associated Press. The AP, like Reuters and other wire services, supplies stories, photographs and graphics to newspapers.” — WiseGeek

Our customized world news feed includes premium news content from:

  • Reuters
  • XinhuaNews
  • Interfax
  • AFP
  • AP
  • UPI
  • Pravda Report
  • Breitbart News
  • RT Daily News
  • U.K. Daily Express
  • Zero Hedge
  • Armstrong Economics
  • Sydney Morning Herald